HealthyStart® System

At Melody Dentistry for Kids, we are experts in children’s airway and jaw alignment, and we want our little patients to start their dental journey on the right track. That is why we use the HealthyStart® System in Los Angeles, California, to help during the early stages of orthodontic treatment. This system is designed with your child’s growth in mind, providing intuitive orthodontic treatment as they age. Learn more below and call our office at 424-322-4780 to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist, Dr. Jessica Manske.

underdeveloped jaw before and after

Underdeveloped Jaw

An underdeveloped jaw is characterized by having a lower jaw that is much smaller or shorter than the rest of the face. An underdeveloped jaw can cause a variety of different issues, such as difficulty breathing or eating and malocclusion of teeth. The HealthStart® System aids in opening the airway and shifting the jaw forward, all while straightening teeth and guiding them into their correct alignments.

overbite before and after


Overbite is the most common orthodontic problem that causes looseness and loss of front teeth. It is characterized by the upper front teeth covering most or all of the lower teeth. The HealthyStart® appliance, worn only while sleeping, prevents the over-eruption of the front adult teeth and results in an ideal overbite.

open bite before and after

Open Bite

An open-bite is the opening that appears in front of the mouth when the jaws are held together. It should be corrected when the adult teeth first erupt, or earlier. The HealthyStart® System can correct thumb-sucking in about 20% or more of children. In persistent thumb-suckers, it is used in conjunction with the anti-sucking device to guide the erupting adult teeth into place.