We Offer General Anesthesia to Put Your Child at Ease

I.V. Sedation at Melody Dentistry for Kids

If I.V. sedation (or general anesthesia) is recommended for your child’s treatment, Dr. Manske will perform the dental treatment in our office. The anesthetic will be administered and monitored by a licensed anesthesiologist. If your child has any severe medical conditions, he or she may have to be referred to a hospital setting for treatment under general anesthesia in the hospital.

Why General Anesthesia?

Unlike adult patients, children tend to have a harder time lying still for a procedure. They may be nervous or scared of the sounds made by the dental instruments, and sedation makes it a much more positive experience for them. Depending on the situation, different levels of sedation are appropriate. Under general anesthesia, your child would be completely asleep and free of discomfort.

When Is I.V. Sedation Recommended?

I.V. Sedation is recommended for apprehensive children, very young children, children with a lot of dental restorative treatment needs, children with special needs, or children for whom conscious sedation does not work. If you have any questions about treatment under IV sedation or general anesthesia, please call us at (424) 322-4780 or send us an email.