Vital Pulp Therapy Can Save Baby Teeth

What Is Vital Pulp Therapy?

The goal of vital pulp therapy (also called pulpotomy) is to save healthy dental pulp in the root of a tooth that has decay in the crown. In this procedure, Dr. Manske removes diseased pulp from the crown of the tooth and fills the crown with medicated material to preserve the healthy pulp tissue in the roots. Vital pulp therapy is only recommended when there is no swelling or abscess around the tooth and it is not loose. It may also be recommended for an injured baby tooth to save it from early extraction.

When Do Baby Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment?

If the cavity goes into the nerve of the tooth or if a tooth breaks all the way to the nerve, a baby tooth may require a pulpotomy or “baby root canal.” We remove part of the nerve of the tooth and replace it with a medication that heals the tooth. When it is time for the new permanent tooth to replace the baby tooth that has had nerve treatment, it should fall out like any baby tooth. To cover and protect the tooth after we do a baby root canal, the tooth requires full coverage protection by a silver or white crown.

How Melody Dentistry for Kids Can Help

If your child is experiencing tooth pain or has damaged a tooth in an accident, contact Melody Dentistry for Kids right away. Dr. Manske will examine the tooth and determine what type of treatment will be the best option. Call us at (424) 322-4780 or send us an email.