A Stainless Steel Crown Can Save a Baby Tooth

When Do Baby Teeth Need Crowns?

If your child has a larger cavity, they may require a full coverage crown to fix it. One option is a stainless steel (silver) crown made of biologically compatible metal. This is a very strong temporary restoration for a baby tooth. When the new permanent tooth erupts under the crown, the stainless steel crown falls off just like a regular baby tooth.

Why Stainless Steel?

There are many advantages to using stainless steel crowns on a baby tooth, particularly if it has received pulpal therapy for a cavity. Stainless steel:

  • is durable but inexpensive
  • offers full coverage protection for the tooth
  • causes very little sensitivity
  • is less likely to need retreatment
  • is more successful than metal fillings in children under four years old
  • is a good choice for children who need general anesthesia
  • can be used as an attachment for a space maintainer

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