Sprig Crowns Match the Appearance of Your Child’s Teeth

When Do Baby Teeth Need Crowns?

If your child has a larger cavity, they may require a full coverage crown to fix it. Sprig EZ-Pedo crowns are a healthy esthetic alternative to silver crowns for the back teeth and a stronger alternative to plastic resin crowns for the front teeth. In the case of front teeth, whether they are damaged because of injury or decay, Sprig crowns that match the rest of their teeth will help them maintain their confidence in their smiles.

Why Sprig Crowns?

Sprig crowns are made using durable 100% zirconia, which is one of the strongest ceramics on Earth. These crowns are natural-looking, they can be tinted to match teeth color, they have a realistic translucent quality, and they come with normal tooth contours. They will look and feel like your child’s teeth!

Is Your Child a Candidate for a Sprig Crown?

Sprig crowns cannot be used in every case due to their technique sensitivity, size restrictions, and they do not take forces as well as the stainless steel crowns. Dr. Manske will work with you on making the best recommendation for your child. Dr Manske is a premier provider of Sprig crowns. She attended a special hands-on class and during this course Sprig representatives checked and approved her work.